How Physiotherapy Helps During Pregnancy

Physiotherapy, sometimes called physical therapy, helps your body in a number of ways. It uses drug-free methods to relieve pain, strengthen your body, and relieve many other ailments. During pregnancy, getting regular physiotherapy can be very beneficial for the pregnancy pains and delivery. Here are some different ways physiotherapy helps during pregnancy.

Relieves Your Back Pain

One of the more common ailments you might experience when you are pregnant is back pain. This can be middle or upper back pain from posture issues when your belly grows, to lower back pain due to your sciatica. Physiotherapy is able to help you find relief for your back pain, regardless of what is causing it. It is most effective when you get multiple treatments, instead of just seeing the physiotherapist once or twice. There are certain points in your pregnancy when it is most beneficial, such as the second and third trimester when your belly is growing larger and shortly before labor and delivery.

Relieves Your Joints

You may also be experiencing discomfort and pain in your joints, which can be remedied with physiotherapy. Different joints might cause you pain during pregnancy, including your sacroiliac joints in the lower back and your leg joints from the added weight of your belly and body during pregnancy. The physiotherapist will teach you different exercises that help to stretch out your legs and back, strengthen your muscles, and relieve the pain in your joints.

Improves Your Delivery Experience

Many women are looking for ways to have a smoother labour and delivery experience, and physiotherapy just might be it. With regular physical therapy, the physiotherapist can help you improve your strength, particularly in your legs and hips. This can actually help during delivery, lessening your overall body discomfort and giving you the strength to deliver your baby naturally with less pain. Work closely with your physiotherapist, especially during the third trimester, to get in better physical shape in order to have a smoother labour and delivery.

Reduces Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

Believe it or not, it is actually quite common to have your carpal tunnel syndrome triggered during pregnancy. This is due to a combination of an increase in hormones and the changes in your joints. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you can see a physiotherapist to strengthen the joints in your hands and wrists, and hopefully reduce some of that discomfort. This is very beneficial if you work with your hands.

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