Getting help for recurrent headaches from a health care clinic

Headaches are one of the most common nervous system disorders, according to the World Health Organisation, and are often not treated as effectively as they could be. If you are a frequent sufferer of headaches, it can a good idea to get some support from a health care clinic where different providers can work together to work out both a cause and treatment plan for your headaches.


One of the first places to head for treatment of recurrent headaches is your doctor or general practitioner. They can review the frequency and location of your headaches to determine if there could be a more serious underlying cause of the headaches which requires investigation by a neurosurgeon. They may ask for an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan which provides an image of the brain and can show if there are unusual growths that are placing pressure on the brain and causing the headaches. They can also prescribe pain medication, which can help you to function more effectively while the cause/s of your headaches are being determined.


If you require glasses and are not wearing them or have the wrong prescription in your glasses, it can be common to get recurrent headaches. This commonly happens with people who spend a lot of time working on computers or reading documents, which requires continual use of close vision. Vision often deteriorates as people get older, so even if you didn't use glasses as a young person it can be worth getting a vision test to check that your sight has not gotten worse. Wearing the correct prescription of glasses will resolve vision related headaches quickly. 


Another common source of headache can be neck pain and misalignment, which is particularly common for people who spend a lot of their day looking at screens. Often getting a chiropractic adjustment to the neck and spine can be useful. If this does turn out to be the issue that triggers headaches for you, then it can be useful to review your workspace and use of mobile devices, as misalignment is usually caused or aggravated by bending the neck to looking at screens. It can also help to get a supportive pillow to help give the neck extra cushioning while sleeping. 

If you have been suffering from headaches,  a health care clinic can offer you a way to get relief from headaches using an integrated approach from different health professionals. Why not make an appointment with a doctor to start exploring options for a headache-free life?

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